Electric Mosquito Repellent

Electric Mosquito Repellent

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it's a LED night lamp with a electric web in it, fitted for killing of flying mosquitoes & insects witch get attracted towards the light of this lamp, so you have a energy saving light and a option of mosquito killer in one product. Use of this product in daylight may affect killing of insects as insects don't get attracted towards the light (as the lamp light is 2 watt approx) and comes in the reach of machine web. For good results use the product in dark place, it can be plugged anywhere inside the house or at the entrance where the inflow of mosquitoes is higher for effective response. Maintenance of this device is almost negligible and It Requires no chemicals, mats or sprays.:: No Smoke , No Allergy , No Suffocation, Direct Plug-in Economical use , low electricity bill Maintenance free , No Use of polluting chemicals

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